About Us

Here’s the most important thing you need to know: we’re more than just a site that lists some standard deviation calculators. We help people achieve their next level of comprehension and potential skill level with standard deviation calculators, and we care about their success.

Since 2021

STDEV Calc was founded by volatility traders online.

Active Traders

We’re a diverse, talented team and trader community.

Global Reach

We work with a growing number of active traders just like you.

Our team is driven by our community’s success. Every single day, we voluntarily support and help real traders to learn to find success with standard deviation calculators. We are mission-driven, with intention to help as many retail traders as possible stop using voodoo TA and learn to trade volatility.

Our History

We have been trading with traditional voodoo TA for years. And then we learned how to trade volatility. This changed our lives.

Every last one of us decided to help spread the good word of trading volatility with proper math indicators like the volatility indicators you see featured on STDEV Calc. And so in March 2021, we created a new group.

STDEV Calc is the result of one aspect of this new group of volatility traders. The group produces authoritative documentation about trading with proper math volatility indicators, live streams, online chats, and other related content and informational / educational services, for free, for the sole purpose of helping retail traders learn to trade volatility like actual professional market makers, options traders and scalpers.

Our Promise

  • Our Community is exclusive.
  • The free indicators we link to are really 100% free.
  • The standard deviation calculators we feature on this site are and shall always be, without exception, the best we know of.
  • Our Community’s Live Streams are free for discord members to join and or anyone to watch on replay on YouTube and elsewhere.
  • We will never shill voodoo TA.
  • Our community is happy to answer questions you may have about trading volatility.
  • We do not store any data about you.
  • We will not sell your data.
  • Your privacy is assured with us.
  • A bull is not a bear is not a pig.
  • Trading is all about the numbers. Those who think it is more about art, are simply wrong.
  • Every time you share a link to STDEVcalc with a friend, family or foreign correspondent, a TA peacock sheds a gallon of pink tears into a bucket of endless ooze, destined to chip away at the big, gigantic scam that is the TA industry.