Having access to some of the best traders and indicator wizards has been an incredible education in such a short time. I finally became profitable and I’m in real pursuit of my goal to trade and invest full time.


“This is truly a gift & I am truly blessed. Thanking these gracious & awesome people daily!!”


I have experienced very big REVERSE DIV from my old trading skills to my newly found skills. Since the very first MOMENTS of finding this wonderful community, I knew I was in the right place. The VARIANCE of my HISTORIC VOLATILITY in PNL has reduced. I have seen POSITIVE CORRELATION and no SKEWNESS between my learning and trading results. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE RSI to have learned so much without the great support for the many great traders (but more importantly great people) within Alpha Traders


Thanks to you guys I’m no longer stuck in trades risking a lot more than I have to. Now I just enter when there’s a high probability it’ll go the way I expect it to